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think better. work better.

Creatively thinking about your space so you can think creatively in it.

In a commercial environment where each and every square metre costs, the efficient use of space is critical. Open-plan, flexible modern office interiors are designed to do exactly this - maximise space while accommodating collaborative, agile working and ease of communication.  The downside to this is often the inability to adapt the environment for when private, disruptive discussions need to occur.  ThinkLab offers a contemporary design solution for creating agile spaces for people to listen, learn and create together.


Born out of the genius of the Luxxbox design studio, ThinkLab builds on their decades of experience in contemporary furniture, lighting and product design. 

Acoustic Lighting

Designed specifically

to increase the acoustic quality in

open-plan environments - utilising the void between the desk and ceiling plane. They provide sound absorbing functionality in a space where normally there is none whilst still contributing to the calculable illumination outcome.  

Collaborative Furniture

ThinkLab's hard and soft furnishings are designed for flexible and agile working environments - to be used as collaborative work surfaces, casual activity based soft seating or modular elements for a constantly changing working environment.

Agile ThoughtBoards

The activity-based Whiteboard encourages and captures the creative process. The magnetic surface serves many purposes with the sound absorbency panel option so you can create a little slice of calm.

Spatial Screens

Taking over where traditional office partitions leave off, the Haptic screen is an innovative volume creator and spatial divider. Whether creating rooms within rooms or buffering hard surfaces.


You can only collaborate as well as

your environment will allow you to. 

Enhance privacy, higher employee productivity and creativity


Reduced employee stress and sound fatigue  


Less disturbance and fewer interruptions

resulting in higher concentration and quality of communication


Optimal speech clarity in the office and on calls, resulting in fewer errors


Aesthetic design solution to sound issues


Multi-purpose furniture and design elements





of Australians believe their workplace does not foster creativity or collaboration.


of Australians say their workplace can be noisy, distracting and lacks privacy. 


- reference "Canon Oceania, Work in Evolution Report, 2015"

fire rating icon

Highly durable providing long term stability with all fixtures holding a Group 1 fire Rating.

 sound absorption icon

Material provides between Class D sound absorption NRC 0.45 - Class C NRC 0.70.

 sound absorption icon

IES files for fixtures providing calculated lighting emissions.




Brisbane Office 

Office & Headquarters
66 McLachlan Street
Fortitude Valley
Queensland 4006                                                                                                                                                        Studio & Workshop
43 Kenyon Street
Eagle Farm
Queensland 4009
Phone: +61 7 3257 2822
Fax: +61 7 3257 2844



New South Wales
Phone: +61 2 90563699



Mobile: +61 3 8645 3799


+1 (510) 386 9300



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